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21 Day "Better Together" Next Level Challenge


Who doesn't want to take their marriage to the "Next Level"?  Whether you and your spouse are drifting apart, completely out of sync, or you're both totally rowing in the same direction the "Better Together" challenge is a must!  Life happens!  Kids, careers, illness, & traumatic events naturally cause couples to separate.  Communication, connection, and 'united goals' bridge the gap to healing.  21 Days of "togetherness", each day we touch on a Love Language so at the end both your love tanks will be FULL!  We promise you are BETTER TOGETHER

In It To Win It Mastermind


"I do" or "I don't" that is the question.  I do want to WIN at marriage, no matter what life throws at us, or I don't.  So, if you are "In it to Win it" then this 90 Mastermind is for you!   Over 2 decades of  a roller coaster marriage Ryan & Blair have overcome Financial Bankruptcy, Emotional Bankruptcy, Addiction, & Alcoholism all while raising two Boys.  From the pain, the hurt, and the betrayal came forgiveness and an unshakable love!  Using that incredible life experience of failures and wins this Mastermind is designed to break the chains that bind you and provide the Marriage you dreamed of when you said "I do".

Marriage Resources


20 years of life together has been an incredible journey!  The tools, strategies and methods we have used  to stay connected, raise kids in a tech heavy world, and become wildly successful as a couple will provide you with a Road Map to not only achieve your goals but to reach heights you didn't know were possibles!

Restore the Roar with our 21 Day Challenge!!

' Next Level' Your Marriage! Marriage is supposed to be fun and it all starts here....We will see you on the inside because we are BETTER TOGETHER!

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In Marriage you are "Better Together" if you are "In it to WIN it"

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